This site is for family, friends, and colleagues of Avner Magen to post their thoughts and memories of him. Avner died in a climbing accident on May 29, 2010, in Alaska.

Avner was a beloved and devoted father, husband and son; a terrifically warm, funny, and energetic person; a brilliant and creative researcher; and a wonderful friend and colleague.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sue McGlashan

It has taken me some time to know what I wanted to say about Avner. I saw the quieter side of him, but better understand his small smile when he asked me to join his seminars on this campus - he knew that my math was not at the standard to understand much, but he still included me.

On the 6th June I cycled the Becel 50 km, dedicating the ride to Avner, and stopping for a while at 10 A.M. It was cold, very wet, and very windy, and I might not have gone to cycle if it had not been for the image I had of Avner shaking his head. I know he would have been laughing at and with me, and despite the conditions, I enjoyed that event.

I will remember him when I cycle and run. He lived for living. Thank you, Ayelet, for understanding why I wanted to cycle.

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