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Avner was a beloved and devoted father, husband and son; a terrifically warm, funny, and energetic person; a brilliant and creative researcher; and a wonderful friend and colleague.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Costis Georgiou

One could say that a successful supervisor is the one who
- teaches you the state-of-the art in his expertise,
- patiently explains to you what it takes to improve,
- listens carefully to all your problems and surprises you with his
And he did all the above.

But I realized that I have a great supervisor when
- I started writing (anything) on the board by drawing first a
circle, as he did,
- I started writing on the white board holding the pen and
keeping it steady by holding on the board with my little finger,
the way he did,
- I laid back in my chair staring at the ceiling, whenever in
deep thoughts, the way he did,
- I placed my little finger in my mouth, whenever I saw a nice
idea on the board, the way he did,
- I stood with my feet distant from each other and with my
hands in my pockets, whenever involved in an interesting
conversation, the way he did.

Namely, when I started trying subconsciously to be like him.

Avner had a tremendous influence on me. After 5 years with
him, there is one thing though that I did not learn from
him. This is how to resist cold. He was always coming to the
department with light clothes. I still remember our
conversation 2 years ago, in a morning after the coldest
night of the winter. He was proud to announce me that the
night before he slept in his backyard, testing his

One last thing that I am proud of. Avner had a terrific
sense of humor. It took me 4 years to learn how to make him
smile with a joke, and it was rewarding. I will always
remember him with that smile.

Teacher and friend, farewell.

1 comment:

  1. My condolences. Even though I have never met you, this post made me feel the connection between you two.

    Just a silent fan of his work.