This site is for family, friends, and colleagues of Avner Magen to post their thoughts and memories of him. Avner died in a climbing accident on May 29, 2010, in Alaska.

Avner was a beloved and devoted father, husband and son; a terrifically warm, funny, and energetic person; a brilliant and creative researcher; and a wonderful friend and colleague.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lap Chi Lau

Avner is a very generous friend and teacher. I was not his
phd student but he was very generous with his time. In our
meetings he taught me his expertise on geometric analysis
and semidefinite programming; he shared his vision and
passion about research; he read my manuscripts carefully and
gave very useful comments; he listened patiently and gave
advice about my career; he shared his passions and
experiences about climbing and his life; he gave tips about
how to be a better father... And of course he did all these
with his wonderful humor! We interacted not for a long
time, but he has great influence on me. I have learnt a
great deal from him and he set up a great model for me to
follow. His spirit will always be in our memory.


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